Welcome to Empowertrans
EMPOWERTRANS, has emerged as one of the fastest growing electrical engineering companies in its own size and segment, specialising, amongst others, in the core areas of EHT transmission lines and substations/switchyards, and now spanning its presence in most of the major regions of the country. Having already commissioned and put into commercial operation a number of EHT transmission lines for large corporates in the power and mineral segments, EMPOWERTRANS is now being perceived as a most reliable and trustworthy partner by power producers and large users of bulk power both in the public and private sectors for their needs of channelling of bulk power over EHT systems. Of special significance for EMPOWERTRANS has been its entry into latest state of the art transmission lines of the future based on low footprint easily installable monopole towers with high amperage low sag conductors.
Specialised Services
In its own domain of expertise, EMPOWERTRANS offers the complete gamut of services that its current and prospective customers would be looking forward to, in the areas of setting up High Voltage transmission lines, as well as setting up of associated Sub-stations/Switchyards. However, besides turnkey implementation of such projects, EMPOWERTRANS also renders certain other specialised services, as listed alongside.
With EMPOWERTRANS just about completing a decade of its existence this year, it can be rightly proud of having added quite a few feathers to its cap during its journey since inception.
Deserving immediate mention are the four 400 / 760 KV Bay Extension projects of PGCIL at Chaibasa and Ranchi in Jharkhand; Muzaffarpur in Bihar; and Fatehpur in Uttar Pradesh. Although these were the first direct projects to be awarded by PGCIL to EMPOWERTRANS, the overall experience of PGCIL with a new entrant like EMPOWERTRANS has been highly satisfactory.
Considering that these projects were awarded against stiff competition from such big names like BHEL etc. this should surely rank as one of the most creditable forays of EMPOWERTRANS in the Substation segment, and that too for the largest Central Transmission Utility (CTU). All these projects are slated to be commissioned progressively by the end of 2016, matching up with the connectivity plans of PGCIL.
Side by side, the 220 KV transmission line for NALCO, is currently under implementation. Although not as large as the PGCIL projects, it posed enormous challenges on the execution front due to the severity of the Right of Way problems encountered and the difficult terrain along most of the route. Having come out of the most taxing part of the project, it is expected that the Line would be commissioned in the coming months to enable NALCO to take over the Line at the appropriate time for drawing power for its own substation.
The other project under execution and very much in the limelight, though not comparable in size or value with the PGCIL or NALCO projects, is the 220 KV Transmission Line for India Power Corporation at Haldia, West Bengal. Its speciality is the use of thin profiled, low foot print Monopole Tubular Galvanised Steel Towersthat not only consume less ground space, and thereby pose lesser land acquisition problems, but also need almost a fraction of the time needed for installation of conventional latticed steel towers.
Coupled with this is the use of high current density conductors with low sag, which overall contribute to highly effective and efficient transmission lines, which surely is the harbinger of things to come in the very near future. EMPOWERTRANS’s experience in the project would enable it to acquire the requisite expertise for a host of such projects coming up in the near future.
The one current project which has seen EMPOWERTRANS extend its reach to the South is for the Tamil Nadu Transmission Corporation Limited, encompassing 230 KV and 110 KV Transmission Lines in the Madurai and Trichy regions, basically to serve for the respective AIS substations. The project calls for a very stringent completion schedule and all efforts are being put in to make EMPOWERTRANS’s first foray down south a success.
The year also saw the commissioning of EMPOWERTRANS’s second 400 KV Transmission Line for the Bharat Aluminium Company at Korba, with the power plant achieving permanent connectivity with the Powergrid Pooling station at Dharamjaygarh.
With this, EMPOWERTRANS seems to have almost acquired a specialist status in the setting up of 400 KV Transmission Lines for private power producers to achieve connectivity with their respective PGCIL Substations.
As of date EMPOWERTRANS has completed seven such projects starting with the Sterlite IPP at Jharsuguda and BALCO’s LILO Line at Korba - both in 2011; followed by the one for VandanaVidyut, also near Korba in the succeeding year, and then the triad of GMR, Monnet Power and KVK Power in Odisha, all between 2012 and 2015.