• We move ahead and continue to grow-
               Setting standards for others to follow…

Our concept of our CUSTOMERS is a broad based one, since we consider them to be at a higher level - as our PATRONS. This has been based on the experience of our growing up process in the formative years, when we realised that our initial customers not only held our hands, helping us guard against pitfalls, but also patted us when we fulfilled their expectations.

In this manner they not only helped us grow through continued support by way of repeat orders, but also guided us in our activities through their own experiences, enabling us to set higher standards for ourselves. This indeed has served us well, as our customer profiles vary not only from big public sector entities to large private corporates, but also across industry profiles from being power producers to consumers of bulk power for downstream units, covering the Power, Steel, Aluminium, as well as the Utilities domains.

Our reference list thus contains the very big names in industry as well as the local customers, who have relied on our support and services, and we have always endeavoured to keep all our clients satisfied, whether large or small.