• We move ahead and continue to grow-
               Setting standards for others to follow…

The secret behind EMPOWERTRANS rapid success and growth is also the quality of men it has at various levels. A dedicated leadership, with a professional management team and a committed workforce function hand in hand to generate the best of results for the company, and indeed it is this that also distinguishes EMPOWERTRANS from others, and is surely one its other major strengths.

It is not just the multi-disciplinary expertise of its team that sets it apart from others but also its customer management and handling of societal factors that has won it the trust and faith of its customers. The earmarked teams that work on its various projects do routinely share their learning and experiences across the company. And also with its other stakeholders.

The process helps in all round improvement of skill levels. The project teams are constituted judiciously, combining a mix of experienced campaigners with those that have shown the necessary promise to add to their knowledge and skills. Moreover, even though EMPOWERTRANS has its distinct dedicated teams for its activities and disciplines, none of their members are left totally isolated from the day to day activities on the project front. This lends a deep synergy within the organisation, where work skills are shared amongst the members as much as the shared ideals of the company.

It is after all the team that represents EMPOWERTRANS as a front face to its customers at the various project sites that determines the customer’s perception of the company itself.