• We move ahead and continue to grow-
               Setting standards for others to follow…

The values that EMPOWERTRANS believe in, encompass a broad VISION that covers the needs for improvement for all its stakeholders through enhanced performance and empowerment at all levels, and seeks to actualise the same through a MISSION that lays down a pragmatic set of implementation metrics.

Moving beyond the regular obligations to its defined stakeholders, EMPOWERTRANS also fulfils certain important SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES within its domain of activities.

MD’s Message:

While building up a company from scratch can never be an easy task, it has been proved time and again that with a proper vision, realistic planning and a determined mind set it is always possible to actualise one’s dreams. Once these elements become the driving force, it is that much easier for one to leave aside the comforts and privileges of a cushy job and venture onto one’s own vision and ideals. At that critical juncture when EMPOWERTRANS was first visualised, it appealed not just as a beneficial commercial proposal, but one which would provide satisfaction to the envisioned customers and patrons that the company would aim to serve.

Thus providing customer satisfaction became the cornerstone of our business policy. The secret of our success has always been our closeness to all our clients and our belief that there is greater joy in keeping the customer’s interests in our heart than pursuing mere contractual obligations and benefits. The several repeat orders that we have received and the new orders that we have been referred for, are ample proof of the soundness of our corporate belief.

Of course, it is not that on our way we have not come across pitfalls and setbacks, but these have only steeled our resolve to look forward, learning in the process from the mistakes that we may have committed. It is our firm belief that no person or organisation can be error free – but it is those who acknowledge the mistakes and learn from them how not to repeat the same, are the ones who are ultimately successful.

Like all else in the industry and other walks of life, the COVID years have been painful but have also taught us several lessons. Despite the financial setbacks it had inflicted on all, it also had given us the time to retrospect and review our strategies and processes. It is our firm belief the dips and downtrends of the past two years would soon be wiped out by a resurgent forward move.

However, our aim to grow bigger is not just for the sake of top line and bottom line growth, but more out of consideration for serving a larger number of satisfied customers, and in the process also safeguarding the well-being of all our other stakeholders as well.


Raise overall performance levels across all benchmarks, to
achieve a natural position of leadership amongst peers.

Innovate to differentiate from others and be the trail blazers
amongst peers.

Sense the needs of all stakeholders and bring about
profound changes for their betterment.

Empower people to actualise their potential by allowing them the
required free hand in their endeavours.


Reduce project completion times to ensure no overshoots.

Improve Quality by reducing customer complaints year on year.

Employ latest technology in at least one project per year.

Social Responsibilities:

Social responsibilities are integral to EMPOWERTRANS’s business process, since a large part of its works are spread over public land. Hence, it needs to take into confidence the people likely to be affected and safeguard their interests. Thus, in all cases it compensates the affected people for the use of their private lands during the construction phase as well as for procuring the Right of Way

It is relevant to point out here that while there are official norms for compensation, EMPOWERTRANS is never guided by those, but takes care of the loss and damage in a most humanitarian manner bereft of any commercial or legal “escape” routes.

In this context it is also worthwhile mentioning the tremendous work done by EMPOWERTRANS in the aftermath of the FANI super cyclone, when so many transmission lines in the coastal areas of Odisha were damaged beyond recognition. Without waiting for any compensation the Company had mobilised its resources on a war footing to restore the damaged installations back into service.

Since inception, EMPOWERTRANS conducts itself as a responsible company in the social context, endeavouring to ensure lasting business flexibility while giving precedence to the health and wellbeing of its people, as well as the advancement of the public it comes across during execution of its projects.