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These being total turnkey projects, the activities necessarily include Designing; Procurement, Quality Surveillance; Delivery Logistics, Site Works and commissioning and successful handing over of the facilities. However, all these activities are planned, interlinked and monitored through the all-important process of Project Management. Thus, necessarily EMPOWERTRANS’s areas of expertise in the execution of turnkey projects include the following major areas:


This function runs as a thread linking all the other activities that go into the execution of turnkey projects. Before the project can be taken up for actual execution, the project management team gets into position with a dedicated Project Manager for an individual project, who acts as the overall co-ordinator of the project amongst the in-house teams, as well as serve as the front face to the customer. It is the project management group that charts out the plan for the project execution, and assigns the specific individual roles to the in-house interdisciplinary groups, while defining the linkages and the deliverable from each group along with the individual schedules of completion. During the pendency of the project, the most vital function of the group is project monitoring, to identify whether the project is on track, time wise as well as budget wise. As and when required, the team also draws up recovery plans if due to some reason there have been slippages in the project.


Depending upon the particular customer needs, this activity commences right from concept engineering where the basic layouts of the transmission line or the substation are conceived taking into consideration the locational specifics. However, the engineering acumen of EMPOWERTRANS is not just limited to electrical aspects but also structural and civil engineering aspects, so vital for turnkey projects of this nature. Design and Engineering being normally the first major activity in a project, it also acts as the prime mover. With EMPOWERTRANS’s intimate experience of working with all major consultant groups in the field, it helps to wrap up the design and engineering phase that much earlier and provide valuable lead time for the subsequent project activities.


EMPOWERTRANS has its own dedicated vendor management cell whose activities encompass the processes of vendor evaluation and selection; invitation and scrutiny of bids; placement of orders; follow up for ensuring timely completion of manufacture, followed by inspections at the vendor’s premises, along with the customer’s representatives where required. For this a separate Quality Assurance team is available within this group. The chain is completed with the dispatch of the items after inspection clearance, through dedicated transport agencies. Normally efforts are made to enter into back to back tie ups with vendors for obtaining betters deals in pricing and deliveries, and most importantly, in quality co0mpliance. The bond thus established with vendors has worked out well in the long run


The most visible face of EMPOWERTRANS comes up at the construction sites where the project takes physical shape and comes into being. Due to the sheer magnitude and expanse of the activities at the project sites, this requires multifarious construction skills, coupled with the soft skills of man management, and handling the local societal issues that crop up at the project sites, since most of them are in the public spaces, and not always within the confines of an established plant area. The physical skills involved in foundation and building related civil works; erection and assembly of tower structures and components; and the finer skills involved in stringing of conductors and the related accessories, all come into play for the culmination of the project. This is very deftly handled by the EMPOWERTRANS site construction team through its own supervision and with the help of dedicated implementation work force, who normally work with the Company from one site to another. For this, EMPOWERTRANS is also fully equipped with the necessary complement of tools and tackles, including specialised PLC controlled stringing machines suitable for handling Quad configuration of conductors.