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Apart from its regular and composite expertise in the implementation of Turnkey Transmission and Substation projects, owing to its in-house knowledge base and the experience acquired through the execution of so many projects, EMPOWERTRANS is also in a position to render certain Add On services on a stand-alone basis from the basket of skill sets that it possesses. In fact right from its formative years it has offered these services to its customers on and off as per their needs. These would normally include the following:


With its intimate knowledge of the power providers in the region, it is quite often that EMPOWERTRANS has been asked to take up feasibility studies to not only assess the total quantum as well as diversity of power requirements of prospective industries, but also locate the most optimum sources for the same, looking into the overall economy of the initial project costs as well as the transmission costs itself.
Within the process of such feasibility studies, or even separately, EMPOWERTRANS has been normally helping out customers with the pre-implementation surveys to decide upon a physically feasible route for proposed transmission line projects. EMPOWERTRANS has the necessary complement of support staff both on the field as well as in its engineering office to handle such survey assignments. It is based on such feasibility and survey reports that many of EMPOWERTRANS’s subsequent customers have floated their project enquiries. In many such cases EMPOWERTRANS has been the bridge between power suppliers and the consuming industries.
Incidentally EMPOWERTRANS’s services in this area are not restricted only to pre-project consultancy, but in many cases have extended to customers tapping its design knowhow, during the system designs of transmission line and substation projects.


Compliance with stringent statutory norms is inherently intertwined with any power based project, due to the safety factors involved. This is why at every step of implementation of projects which involve the handling of bulk power approvals are needed from the competent statutory authorities. This is where EMPOWERTRANS with its deep rooted contacts in its home state of Odisha, and most other states that it operates in, can help customers immensely in the matter of getting clearances from statutory state and central bodies.
Almost all cross country Transmission Line projects do also have to go through a process of acquiring the Right of Way (ROW) privileges in order to pass through the chosen route, and this calls for a different set of skills to handle and acquire these rights, through intense interactions with the affected group of people, over whose lands the ROW would need to be obtained. In fact, it is often that these skills over shadow the technical skills required to successfully execute cross country Transmission Line projects. In this skill too EMPOWERTRANS scores heavily, and in many cases it is this that have swayed most customers towards EMPOWERTRANS.


As most Transmission Line projects involve extensive interactions between the power supply agency and the power consumer organisation, the process of smooth connectivity often calls for the facilitation and involvement of the executing agency. For this vital but sometimes overlooked area also, EMPOWERTRANS’s help has been sought, in view of the existing cordial relationships it enjoys with both sides.
After sales service has also been extended by EMPOWERTRANS, in cases where the customer has felt the need for a change or modification in their systems. This has also been provided in cases where restoration has been necessitated due to breakdowns arising out of natural factors or accidents.


Keeping up with modern practices and in line with advanced digitisation, EMPOWERTRANS has entered into the arena of providing services for SMART METERING SYSTEMS. This would be carried out in association with BROADCAST ENGINEERING CONSULTANT INDIA LTD, (BCIL) and Central government organisation. The agreement for this has very recently been signed, and it is expected that in the Odisha region, with its extensive contacts in the local industry, EMPOWERTRANS would very soon be making an impressive beginning in this segment too.