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EMPOWERTRANS may not be having a long history but it surely does have a rapidly growing record which has propelled it from its early moorings a decade and a half back to where it stands out today amongst its peers, straddling the transmission distribution scene today with confidence boosted by the very favourable perception that it has been able to create amongst its numerous patrons. Thus while it may not be having the trappings of a ‘long established company, it has had the dynamism to move ahead rapidly.

EMPOWERTRANS was conceived a few years after the turn of the current century when the mineral rich state of Odisha was passing through a phase of heavy investments in the mineral based sectors and this was the time when it was seeing a plethora of steel and aluminum plants coming up. Whether it was steel or more importantly aluminum, the need for bulk power in an unhindered manner was the need of the hour, as both of these were power intensive industries.

While there were a lot of investors coming up in the power generation areas, the need to channelize the transmission and sourcing of this power to upcoming industries, posed a relative vacuum. This appealed to EMPOWERTRANS as an ideal business opportunity which could also benefit the state of Odisha in its overall efforts to meet the impending infrastructural needs in mineral based industries.

The rationale behind EMPOWEWRTRANS to venture into this specific area was the fact that its moving spirit and founder, Mr. Asit Pradhan was himself a professional in this line having been with the biggest multinational companies in the field, both in India and abroad. With a mature head on young shoulders, he had realized that he could bring all his wealth of experience in the field and build up a company that could cater to a cluster of newly formed customers for a long period of time for mutual benefit. He realized he could add value at a more affordable price than what was being charged by the multinationals at that point of time.

Using his man management skills to the hilt and his extensive contacts in all fields of industry and local bodies, he formed a formidable combination to take up the challenge. Blessed with a keenly positive mind set he won the confidence of a growing pool of new investors who had respect for his technical prowess and were willing to trust him for the implementation of the plans.

The upshot of all this has been the rapid growth of EMPOWERTRANS as a leading electrical engineering company - whether it was for just transmission line projects or for High Voltage Substations, or a combination of both. Soon customers realized that from EMPOWERTRANS they were receiving services and facilities in a cost effective and quality driven manner. This provided a welcome boost to the large pool of new investors that were looking at this region as a promising investment destination.

At that point of time, the company had to make some logistics based decisions too. It did choose Bhubaneswar as its base – a most logical one, considering that the bulk of the initial customers were spread all over Odisha or in other adjoining states. However, with its reputation spreading fast and wide, its soon laid its footprints in the adjoining states of Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, and then went on to make its presence felt in Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu in the South, as well.