Services - Our Comprehensive range
EMPOWERTRANS offers the complete gamut of services that its current and prospective customers would be looking forward to, in the areas of Extra High voltage transmission lines, as well as setting up of associated sub-station / switchyards, In the past EMPOWERTRANS has been of specific help to newly established investors in Odisha, seeking all the infrastructural help including the sourcing of power to run its facilities, once set up, With the changing scenario EMPOWERTRANS is now geared up to offer the latest technologies to its existing and prospective customers. Overall its services include:
This would include the complete feasibility study for locating probable sources of power, assessing their capabilities to supply the required power, and also take up studies for optimising the various costs including logistics costs, cost of power, transmission costs, as well as the initial costs of the system.
This would include the study of the various sub sections of the proposed facilities, their individual power requirements, identifying total power requirement based on maximum demand, as well as the diversity if any for the particular type of facilities to be employed in the proposed plant. This study is basically the preliminary step to proceed to the sourcing options and how to receive the required power. This is a vital exercise as it can be the deciding factor sometimes whether to processed with the project in its initially conceived form.
This is the next logical step where prospective customers would require assistance, with EMPOWERTRANS's intimate knowledge of power providers, locating available options for sourcing of power is something that comes easily and automatically.
The great strength of EMPOWERTRANS with its deep rooted contacts in most of the regions it operates in is the facilitating of approvals and clearances for its customers, especially with respect to statutory central and state authorities, as also the local level elected bodies when it comes to the tricky question of land acquisition or obtaining the rights of way for transmission line projects.
In the same way, in matters relating to local logistics, EMPOWERTRANS can guide its customers about the prevailing systems, norms and formalities to be compiled with, all along the way during the project execution period. In each executed project of EMPOWERTRANS customers have benefited immensely on this account.
As a natural corollary to these services, wherever the customer wants, EMPOWERTRANS can also obtain approvals on their behalf from the relevant authorities both on the technical side as well as on the administrative sides. This, besides taking a load off the customer’s shoulders, also hastens the entire process of project execution and early access to the completed facilities for commercial operations.
Being adequately equipped with competent technical personnel, EMPOWERTRANS can and does provide consultancy for the design of electrical systems, both in the transmission line as well as I the substation / switchyard areas. Of special relevance in this area is the experience of EMPOWERTRANS in the latest technology of using Monopole Tubular towers with high amperage low sag conductors.
What is more is that EMPOWERTRANS can combine all these services into a basket and offer turnkey execution right from concept, design and till commissioning and handing over. Almost all of EMPOWERTRANS’s executed projects for power transmission lines, receiving substations and auxiliaries have been carried out on a turnkey basis, absolving the customers of any extra burden of co-ordinating between multiple agencies.
But EMPOWERTRANS's range of service does not end with the successful commissioning and handing over of the systems, but extends beyond that too. Wherever the customer is in need of it, EMPOWERTRANS can also provide maintenance services for its installations, including supply of spare parts. It is only because of its intimate knowledge of all the systems that it has put up, which gives it the expertise and confidence to undertake this range of after sales services.