Apart from a comprehensive range of services that EMPOWERTRANS offers its customers, there are distinct advantages the customers gain, having reposed their faith in it. This is primarily due to the multi domain expertise that EMPOWERTRANS possesses in the areas of EHT Transmission Lines and Substations, comprising a combination of distinctive skills in technical and technological areas.
Design & Engineering:
In design and engineering, besides its routine capabilities to undertake and produce the electrical designs related to transmission line and substation projects, it also has the necessary expertise to provide civil and structural designs, which form an essential part of any project in these fields. Added to this, is the intimate knowledge of the norms and the standards followed by the regulatory bodies like PGCIL, CEA etc., which makes it possible for EMPOWERTRANS not only to complete the design and engineering cycle much earlier, but also obtain clearances on the same without much difficulty. This gives an immediate edge to it as well as to the customers in the overall project execution process.
Procurement Supply & Delivery:
Right since its inception EMPOWERTRANS has standardized its procurement process through long term understandings reached with most of its supply and service vendors. This enables it to wrap up the procurement process in the shortest possible time, as it is also bereft of the usual bureaucratic formalities that plague most other organizations. Besides, the long term understandings reached with its associates enable a strong bonding of partnership guaranteeing assured deliveries, so essential for the success of project execution.
Project Management:
At EMPOWERTRANS project management does not limit itself purely to the monitoring of projects using the latest project monitoring software. It goes beyond that, through the interjection of human expertise and experience in tackling the vagaries of unforeseen situations, all of which may not be of a technical nature, but those that develop invariably during the execution of projects of this nature.
Erection, Testing & Commissioning:
Backed by its own dedicated team of construction managers and associates, who work with EMPOWERTRANS, it has a full complement of experienced commissioning manpower, which is drawn from the best talent in the field to ensure that the systems deliver what they are supposed to, without any compromise on safety, reliability or capacity.
Men in Place:
The secret behind EMPOWERTRANS rapid success and growth is also the quality of men it has at various levels. Its dedicated leadership, professional management and committed work force work hand in hand to generate the best of results for the company, and indeed it is this which distinguishes EMPOWERTRANS from others, and is surely one its major strengths.
All the success stories of EMPOWERTRANS could, however, never have been possible, if it did not have a deep rooted and all-pervading customer focus. It believes that the customer is the beginning and end of its business and without the customer, its existence itself does not make any sense. It is this belief that has resulted in several repeat orders from most of its customers. EMPOWERTRANS has never glossed over, or looked away from the customers’ problems. It has always owned them up as its own, and solved them jointly with the customers. It is this that has made most of its customers develop the feeling that EMPOWERTRANS is one company which can even go beyond its contractual limits to accommodate its customers in the immediate context, knowing fully well that the customer would always accommodate it in the long run.
EMPOWERTRANS is driven by a growth oriented philosophy which places a high emphasis on efficiency and the deployment of requisite technology, along with a process-driven approach that makes the deployment more effective. The proof of this approach is clearly visible in the number of satisfied customers it has been able to generate, and its rapid growth in the decade of its existence.