It made sense for EMPOWERTRANS to be located strategically at Bhubaneswar, the capital of the mineral rich state of Odisha, which at that time was seeing a boom in new industries, especially in the power and mineral sectors. Even in the current scenario with a preponderance of Transmission Lines and Substations in eastern and central India, many of which are up for renovation EMPOWERTRANS can still serve all its customers ideally from its current base, even with its expanding footprints countrywide.
While dealing with strategy and presence it is not just the geographical location that matters, but the strategy that is brought into the implementation of the projects at various locations that makes perhaps a bigger impact. Over the years EMPOWERTRANS’s has honed its execution capabilities and achieved success through an amalgam of technical skills, project management know-how and most importantly, its handling of local factors. The latter though not immediately visible is really the critical success factor in projects of this nature, especially transmission lines which run through public and private lands.

For EMPOWERTRANS, therefore, strategy is not a matter just for board room discourses or even drawing board iterations, but more importantly strategy has to be devised every day at the ground level at the project sites to make a success out of the project. What brings critical success to EMPOWERTRANS is, therefore, its closeness to ground realities as much as its technical prowess and execution skills and the mix of all these factors shaping its overall strategy.
To reduce completion times; to enhance quality of products & services; to reach larger number of customers through a pan Indian presence and gain organisational fulfilment through heightened customer satisfaction!

To connect organisations for empowerment and become the leaders in bulk power channeling.